Wide Spectrum Applications

Presently various alloys in Brass,Copper and Aluminium Bronze are manufactured which find application in various Industries.

Aeronautics Bushing & turned parts
Automobiles & Auto Ancillaries Tubes Valves Turned parts,fittings,bushings and synchromesh rings, worm wheel
Agriculture Sprinkler parts , pumps
Bearing Bearing Cages
Ball Point Pen Special wire for nozzle,tubes
Defence & Ordnance Driving Band,fuses & other components
Electrical Furnace Induction Coil conductors
General Engineering Welding Electrodes,bushings,dial guages,needles
Instrumentation Various parts
LPG/Industrial Gases brass fittings / valves / regulations
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Copper tubing
Sanitary Fittings Turned parts / Brass & Copper Tubing
Sugar Industry Brass tubes
Thermal Power+ Marine + Petro/Petrochemical industry Heat exchanger & Condensor tubing
Watch Watch cases & movement